Got copy? Let us fix it!

Spell Check is nice, but it isn’t really enough (and sometimes it even corrects to the wrong word!).  If you are someone…

  • Whose native language is not American English

  • Who needs to impress with a resume, letter, email, or personal document

  • Who has written a term paper, academic thesis or dissertation and needs it to be perfect

  • Who has a document which is too long, and needs to be tightened up

  • Who has completed a book or manuscript which must be clear and error-free, or

  • Who is unsure about grammar, spelling, punctuation or word usage in any personal or business document

…You may want me to work with you to make sure your writing reflects well on you.


I find and correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and improve the flow of many kinds of documents including:

  • Resumes

  • Cover letters and emails 

  • Books

  • Academic papers/essays*

  • Speeches

  • Business reports

  • Menus

  • Personal correspondence






* We specialize in editing theses and dissertations. Go to, our sister website, for details.

How This Works

The process is simple:

  • Once you have your document in the best shape possible, email it to me as a Word file.

  • Depending upon its length and my assessment of its quality (excellent/ average/ below average), I’ll reply with a firm quote within 48 hours of my reading it.

  • Copy that is submitted in excellent shape will cost you less than copy which requires a lot of “rehab.”

  • Then, if you choose to use our service, you proceed with the payment by mailing a check or using PayPal or Zelle.

  • Your document is proofread using the “track changes” function of Microsoft Word so that you can tell where changes have been made (and sometimes why they have been made).

I’ve been editing English documents for over 30 years. One of the reasons I’m good at it is that I really love to take a written lump of coal and turn it into a diamond. I enjoy and take pride in my work, and you benefit from that. Let’s work together.

Testimonials From Others Who Have Used Our Services

Ken Trainor, MA                          (Colorado State University)

Newspaper editor and author

“I’m a professional editor myself. Marty Berg is a masterful editor. He doesn’t just ‘proof copy’; he also reads for comprehension, which allows for extra dimensions of correction. He challenges and encourages and makes suggestions that are wonderfully useful. And there is nothing more gratifying for a writer than having a pair of sharp eyes find errors and misspeaks that would have undermined your message. In Marty Berg, you don’t get a taskmaster correcting your insufficiencies, but a writing partner who wants your product to be its best. For example, with my 2023 book, ‘Our Town Oak Park – Walk with Me in Search of True Community,’ he encouraged me to improve the ending. I took him up on his challenge, and it worked. Marty also proofread the manuscript for my 2013 book, ‘Unfinished Pentecost: Vatican II and the Altered Lives of Those Who Witnessed It,’ and transformed it into a clean read. He even corrected some minor errors in Latin. So if you’re looking for an enthusiastic copy editor who will return a flawless finished product, Marty’s the guy to call.” 

Michael Nicolás Okińczyc-Cruz, DMin (Fordham University)

Executive Director & Co-Founder at Coalition for Spiritual and Public Leadership (CSPL)

“I reached out to Marty for help to take editorial lead on my 2018 theology dissertation and I’m so glad I did! I was deeply impressed with his expertise and professionalism. He was meticulous in his editing and he communicated every step of the way. On top of all of the other positives he was able to return my fully edited dissertation to me ahead of schedule. I’m definitely recommending Marty to others in the future.”

Richard Kordesh, PhD                   (Indiana University)

Professor in social work, political science, public policy analysis and urban planning at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Indiana University, Penn State University and Addis Ababa [Ethiopia] University

“Marty brings the skill set and discerning eye necessary to help writers turn shaky theses or promising drafts into well-crafted documents.   This I know personally from the fine work he completed on two editions of my own book’s manuscripts.”

Gina Orlando, MA, CH                    (DePaul University)

Adjunct science professor, DePaul University

“Marty copy-edited my 1998 DePaul holistic health science and spirituality thesis and it went through my committee without a single correction!  I’m a professional writer, but every writer needs an editor not only to check the words and citations, but also to make sure the thoughts are being transmitted clearly throughout the work.  This word-and-grammar geek is excellent at all of those tasks, is easy to work with, gets the work done quickly–and his rates are reasonable.  I highly recommend him and his fine work.”